Victoria Berger joined Weisenheimer Legal as a paralegal in 2024.

After successfully completing her studies in Communication Science at the University of Vienna (Austria) and her Bachelor’s degree in Business Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Victoria Berger is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Even before joining Weisenheimer Legal, Victoria Berger gained valuable practical experience in Austria and the USA.

Victoria Berger is part of the Aviation Team of Weisenheimer Legal and focuses on supporting international airlines in the handling of passenger claims.

Martina Flitsch Partner


Since 2000, Martina Flitsch has been active as a lawyer with focus on aviation and corporate. After many years as founding partner of a renowned corporate law firm, she became partner of Weisenheimer Legal in 2018.

She acquired her expertise in the field of aviation thanks to her inhouse occupation at the Austrian Airlines AG over many years. In recent years, apart from commercial aviation, she focused on consulting in the area Business Aviation. Among her aviation clients you will find international airlines, air operaters, banks, aeroplane owners, CAMO etc. On the side, Martina Flitsch has published articles on diverse topics of aviation and is member of aviation-specific organisations and networks.

Otherwise she offers advice for companies in questions regarding employment law, company law, contract law and public procurement law.

Furthermore, Martina Flitsch is a lecturer at the Donau University Krems and is on the supervisory committee of several renowned companies (e.g. Novomatic AG). Attached please find her list of publications.

Magdalena Frech

Attorney at Law | Cooperation Partner

Magdalena Frech has been working for renowned business law firms in Vienna and New York since 2009 and has been self-employed as an attorney since 2016. Since 2019 she has been strengthening the team of Weisenheimer Legal as Of Counsel in the areas of civil litigation and real estate law.

Magdalena Frech studied law at the University of Vienna and dedicated her doctorate to the fields of insolvency and civil law. In addition to her law studies, she completed the first master’s course in housing and real estate law at the University of Vienna, during which she also acquired the qualification of real estate agent.

Felicitas Hinteregger


Felicitas Hinteregger joined Weisenheimer Legal in March 2019 and became an associate in October 2022, after finishing her studies.  

She completed her law studies at the University of Vienna (Austria) in June 2022 as one of the best of her class. In the course of her studies, she closely analysed cases of evidence asymmetry and the fundamental rights aspects of data protection in modern times. Alongside her studies, she gained substantial experience in the field of passenger claims as part of the aviation team of Weisenheimer Legal.

Her areas of expertise are aviation, employment law and data protection.

Felicitas Hinteregger advises Austrian and international clients and speaks German and English.

Laura Hochleitner


Laura Hochleitner joined Weisenheimer Legal as a paralegal in 2022.

She is currently studying law at the University of Vienna (Austria).

Laura Hochleitner is part of the Aviation Team of Weisenheimer Legal and focuses on supporting international airlines in the handling of passenger claims.

Dominik Leiter Partner


Since 1996, Dominik Leiter has been active as counselor for numerous national and international clients. After many years in renowned international corporate law firms, he became founding partner of Weisenheimer Legal in 2017.

He gained his expertise in a large number of different M&A and capital market transactions, but also with real estate transactions (acquisition of real estate portfolios or shopping centers) and national and international insourcing and outsourcing processes, in international litigation and in the long-standing support of HR departments of international groups.

His clients are renowned international groups as well as national SMEs including start-ups, whom he advises in all fields of Austrian and international law.

Through his complementary knowledge as a coach and mentor, which he acquired in the USA, he accompanies clients and their managers in optimising their handling of legal challenges and offers a human-centred advisory approach.

Dominik Leiter is a member of the International Bar Association, the Union International d´Avocats and the European Employment Lawyers Association. He graduated at the faculty of law at the University of Vienna as well as at the Donau-University Krems.

Robert Leuthner Partner


Robert Leuthner has more than 20 years of experience in the consulting of national and international companies in all fields of Corporate Finance, Capital Markets as well as Mergers&Acquisitions as general legal consulting. He was involved in numerous highly specialised projects, for example the IPO of phion AG, the first public midmarket offering on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Robert Leuthner is registered Capital Market Coach (CMC) and official listing partner of the Vienna Stock Exchange. His client structure includes start-ups, long-existing SMEs as well as banks and financial service providers which he advises in all areas of Austrian and international law.

Robert Leuthner is lecturer at the Bachelor seminar “Management and Law” at the Management Center Innsbruck and author of numerous legal specialist articles for Corporate Finance topics. He graduated at the faculty of law at the University of Vienna and has a Master degree from the Columbia University School of Law, New York/USA. He is attorney at law both in Austria and in the state of New York/USA. Since 2020 he has been registered in the list of established European lawyers of the canton of Zug/Switzerland. There he heads the Swiss correspondence office of Weisenheimer in Cham/Zug.

Aleksander Makal


Aleksander Makal joined Weisenheimer Legal in 2020 and has been working with clients in his special practice areas aviation, corporate, and public law.

Before finishing his full legal studies at the University of Vienna (Austria), specializing in litigation and private international law, Aleksander Makal graduated with a First-Class BA degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from St. John’s College, Cambridge (UK) and earned an MA in Iranian Studies from Leiden University (Netherlands), completing study-abroad semesters at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel) and diplomatic internships in Tehran (Iran).

Owing to his international experience, Aleksander Makal enjoys working on cross-border aircraft purchase, aircraft financing, aircraft leasing, aviation regulatory, and corporate matters with both Austrian and international clients.

Aleksander Makal is a member of the European Air Law Association (EALA) and speaks Polish, English, German, Russian, Hebrew, and Farsi.

Adrianna Mietka


Adrianna Mietka joined Weisenheimer Legal in 2023. She supports the partners in all aspects and manages the office and the Weisenheimer Hub together with Mrs. Schwarzinger.


Wiktoria Pacak joined Weisenheimer Legal as a paralegal in 2023.

She is currently studying law at the University of Vienna (Austria).

Wiktoria Pacak is part of the Aviation Team of Weisenheimer Legal and focuses on supporting international airlines in the handling of passenger claims.

Sabine Pohn


Mariella Schreier


Mariella Schreier joined Weisenheimer Legal as a paralegal in 2023.

She is part of the team led by Dominik Leiter and particularly supports us in the areas of labor and corporate law, as well as in marketing.

Mariella Schreier is currently studying law at the University of Vienna (Austria).

Rita Schwarzinger


Rita Schwarzinger joined Weisenheimer Legal as an assistant in June 2018 and became our office manager in October 2023.

Dominik Stibi Partner


Dominik Stibi has been a licensed lawyer since the summer of 2018, and partner, making him the youngest member of the Weisenheimer.

He has acquired the expertise required for his work in the most renowned law firms of Vienna and Asia in the areas of litigation, IP/IT‑law, real estate, corporate and employment law. In addition to his studies, he worked for the law firm “Kosesnik Wehrle und Langer”, which specialises in insolvency and consumer law, as a legal assistant and as a study assistant at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law under Prof. Dr. Bernd Christian Funk. As a trainee lawyer, he completed his training with Brauneis Klauser Prändl, Wolf Theiss and Stock Rafaseder Gruszkiewicz. His clients mainly include start-ups in the pharmaceutical, food, hemp and IT‑industries, which he represents in all areas of Austrian and international business law.

He graduated at the law faculty of the University of Vienna among the best of his year.

Dominik Weiß


Dominik Weiß has been strengthening our team at Weisenheimer Legal since 2018 as an associate and since 2024 as an attorney at law and cooperation partner. He advises clients primarily in the areas of aviation law and employment law.

He completed his law studies at the University of Vienna (Austria) in 2017 as one of the best of his class. He then completed a court internship in the district of the Higher Regional Court of Vienna, inter alia at the Labour and Social Court of Vienna. In June 2021, Dominik Weiß successfully passed the Austrian bar exam at the Higher Regional Court of Vienna. From September 2022 to October 2023 Dominik Weiß completed his postgraduate studies in “International Aviation Law” (LL.M.) at the Université Toulouse Capitole (France), during which he also gained experience at the legal department of Austrian Airlines AG. In January 2024, Dominik Weiß was admitted to the Austrian Bar as an attorney at law.

At Weisenheimer Legal, his advisory work includes aircraft purchase, aircraft financing and aircraft management agreements, passenger and liability matters as well as individual and collective employment law. He advises, inter alia, aircraft owners and operators in the business aviation sector, international airlines, banks, as well as SMEs and international corporations from various sectors. Additionally, Dominik Weiß serves as a lecturer on the topics of aviation law (University of Vienna, LL.M. in Tourism and Law) and business aviation (Université Toulouse Capitole, LL.M. in International Aviation Law).

Dominik Weiß is a member of the European Air Law Association (EALA) and the Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA) and speaks German, English, and French.

Bettina Windisch

Attorney at Law | Cooperation Partner

Bettina Windisch-Altieri has been working for 20 years as a lawyer for domestic and foreign companies. Before she became a partner of Weisenheimer Legal in 2020, she worked as an attorney and partner in top international business law firms and managed her own business law firm in Vienna for 10 years.

She specializes in international contract law, with a focus on research and development contracts and general patent law for industry, as well as trademark, copyright and media law. In addition to providing legal advice, she also represents her clients in court and arbitration proceedings, as well as in proceedings before the European Court of Justice. The majority of her work is done in English. Bettina Windisch-Altieri advises companies of all sizes, in particular international service, commercial and industrial companies.

Bettina Windisch-Altieri completed her university education and bar exam in Vienna. She completed her diploma and doctoral studies at the University of Vienna and at the University of Madrid Complutense.

Bettina Windisch-Altieri is a member of the Vienna Bar Association, the Austrian Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law (ÖV) and the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL).


Sonja Winkler has been working as a legal associate at Weisenheimer Legal since 2024.

In 2023, she successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree in Law at Sigmund Freud Private University (Vienna, Austria) and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Law. Before joining Weisenheimer Legal, she gained valuable experience working in a law firm.

Sonja Winkler supports the team of Weisenheimer Legal in both legal and administrative areas.